Can you dye your weave?

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Can you dye your weave?

We get asked can you dye hair in factory for us a lot by customers who want to try some different colors after they’ve worn a hair weave that is usually all one color for a while, and they’re ready for a change.  Now, we are going to share with you how we feel about pre-colored store bought hair; we don’t like it at all. 


Problem #1 Pre-colored or highlighted hair is never a belieable hair color

Here’s why; simply put, it’s not real hair.  Which brings us to reason number one, when store bought hair has been chemically processed to look like real believable hair, it cannot be colored.  This hair is usually a yak mix hair, which is animal hair.  Do you honestly think that real human hair would only cost $50 to $100 for a 4 ounce package? 


Problem #2 Chemically processed hair can't be colored

Please note that any hair that you buy from a beauty supply that is numbered in color, i.e. 1B, 4, 1 etc. is chemically processed and pre-colored. we always tell our customers  they should stay away from this hair completely.  If the hair has been chemically processed to be all one color and texture or even pre-highlighted, what do you think that does to the quality of the hair?  It demolishes it.  This so called hair will only last for a few weeks, even less if you attempt to color it yourself.

Hair that can be colored is 100% VIRGIN hair.  we are not talking about REMY hair. Remy hair has been chemically altered to make it seem like each bundle has come from the same head.  In fact, most store bought hair or even hair bought online has been chemically altered.   If you want to test the quality of your virgin hair; do a simple color test.   Purchase powdered 

lightener from your beauty supply and some 2o volume developer.  Mix a small amount equal part and apply it to a 3 inch wide section of the weft.  Wrap a piece of foil around the section.  Let this sit for 15 minutes.  If this section does not change color at all, this is not virgin high quality hair, it’s been chemically processed.  If it only changes very slightly, leave it on longer to see how high it will pull.  If its virgin hair it should start to look blonde at some point.  If it’s not virgin hair, it may only pull up in spots making it look multi colored.  Our experiance tell us  that you would have to use a higher volume of developer if I want to lift the color of the hair.  Well that’s just bull.


Human hair that has not been treated with chemicals will lighten with 20 volume developer.   That means they’ve processed the hair and they’re selling you a false product.  The only processing that real virgin hair needs is cleaning, nothing else.

So yes, 100% VIRGIN hair can be colored.  

We always suggest do not buy pre-colored hair from your vendor only go for the natural color and getting your stylist to color the hair for you.  You want to make sure it’s a professional color job, that way it will look even more believable.

Can you dye extensions?  Yes if it’s REAL VIRGIN hair.  

In Amour Hair Extensions, we only deal natural color hair, sorry, we never color our hair in factory.



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