Sew-in weave:could be dangerous if not done properly

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We love sew in weaves but if you don't do it properly, here are the possible dangers that we should avoid.


Problem #1 Braids too tight

This is probably happens the most when it comes to damage from a sew-in.  When women realize that tight braids do NOT mean your sew in is going to last longer!  If your braids are tight to cause real pain then they are too tight!  We’ve seen women with permanent hair loss coming out of a full sew in weave where the braids are too tight.  The damage caused by the braids being too tight, most of the time, is irreversible.  You may not even know that your hair is thinning until you go outside of the salon that does your expensive sew in.  They don’t care & don’t tell you that your braids may be too tight and your hair is thinning!  And if you mention it to them, they will try to convince you to keep the weave because now you need it!  The truth is, your hair should thrive while you wear a weave. The proper way to do this is the braids need to be just tight enough, and never put stress on the hair. 


Problem #2 Improper Closure

You shouldn’t have any issues when closures are done properly,.  Closures and sew-in that are too tight prevent the scalp from breathing.  If your scalp can’t breathe, whether it’s because you have a net sew-in on, a closure, or they just sewed in so much hair that you can’t get to your scalp please know that this is going to cause major problems for you. Think about it, whether you are sweating while you sleep, working out, or just doing your day to day routine without being able to shampoo your scalp properly, you are at risk for a skin infection.  When the scalp can’t breathe, mold can develop on the scalp.  Where there is mold there is a major problem.  And then you’ll need to consult your dermatologist.

Problem #3 Too much stress on the hair that left out


If possible, we suggest you put the electric hot combs away!!  I see more breakage on women who are constantly putting heat on their poor little edges that are left out of their sew-ins.  Even the small amount on top of the head that’s left out shouldn’t be abused by heat.  Unfortunately, to some stylists putting an excessive amount of heat and oil on the natural hair means that there will be less difference between the two hair textures.  In our experience this isn’t true at all.  When it comes to blending textures, less is more.  If your value walk in weave salon doesn’t care about the breakage being caused by excessive heat on your natural hair, they don’t care about your hair at all.


These are the three most damaging problems caused by full sew in weaves.  Do your research and find a stylist who is knowledgeable in the art of weaving.  We hope this discussion has helped you with your search for a good weave installation.  



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10/12/2016, 07:33:12 PM

Hello,My name is jessenia and I had a sew in a few months ago And I hope you can answer this because I've been really concerned and depressed,so what's happening is since I have had my sew-in ive have not took it out until along time till now my hair was thick and short almost like medium short so after I took it out I lost a lot of hair and my hair was so dry I had to stress my hair to keep pulling and pulling to get my knots out but then all of a sudden there's this thing and I think it had grown out of my head is this mold buts its hard and its shape like hair example : it looks like a worm I am so scared I don't know what to do. Please reply do you know what this is and how could I cure it.

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